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Dear friends, we're on a mission to connect and empower NRIs worldwide through our survey. Your participation is not just a number;

it's a statement of our collective strength and unity. We've made strides with approximately 137851 engaged individuals, but with over 30 million NRIs globally,

we need your help to reach more. Share our survey link on WhatsApp with five friends, and once you do, expect email updates on our survey results.Together, let's build a resilient community that supports each other's aspirations and challenges. Your support in spreading the word is invaluable. Join us in making a meaningful impact and shaping a brighter future for all NRIs.
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Aman Rajput Finished the NRI survey! It's super important for all of us. Make sure to participate and share the link with your WhatsApp contacts. Our community's voice needs to be heard! Let's do this together. 💪😊"..
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Pooja Verma Just did my part by filling out the NRI survey. It’s important for our community. Please take a moment to do the same and share it with your WhatsApp groups. Your input matters! 🙏🏽"
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Raju Singh just wrapped up the NRI survey! 📝 It was really quick and easy. Please spare a few minutes to complete it too and share the link on WhatsApp. Our input is crucial for making an impact. 🙏 Let's get everyone on board!
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Mohammad Aftab Thanks for the reminder, Raju ! Just filled it out and shared it on WhatsApp. Let's make sure everyone gets counted! 🙌".
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Sanjay Rajput is writing a comment...
Ranjana Parmar Just did my part by taking the NRI survey! 📊 It’s crucial for our community. Let’s make sure we’re all represented – share this on WhatsApp with your friends and family. Together, we can achieve more! 💫"..
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